As of 2012 we can only accept music product electronically. MP3’s must be physically emailed (i.e. Not links to download, but the
actual MP3 as an attachment) to                                      . MP3’s sent to any other address will be automatically deleted.

* In so far as it is possible please make sure your MP3(s) conforms to our studio standards:

       An MP3 (WAV, WMA, MP4 etc. are not the same thing).
       Stereo at precisely 128K (Lower we can’t use, higher someone has to find time to down convert it).
       Less than 10 megabytes in size (files larger than this are deleted by the mail server, they will also be too long for airplay).
       No leading silence. Audio properly mastered to 0 db, overall no less than –6 db.
       The MP3 must be named in the form: artist name-song name (Label Name) e.g. John Lennon-Imagine (Apple Records).mp3


As of 2012 we can only accept video product electronically. Video product must be available in the form of a downloadable link to the file
stored on the Internet such as wetransfer for us to retrieve (we can download from You Tube also). All videos must be under or near to 50 Mb
in size.


The music will be assessed by the network music director on the appropriate day reserved for sampling new releases in each of the genres
we accept. Air time is expensive so we attempt to balance fairness with common sense and leave ourselves sufficient space to encourage
new musical directions. There is no set formula for how music is selected however some of the main criterion can be:

· Suitability for broadcast—is the music radio friendly? If it breaks new ground is it likely to attract or detract listeners?

· Musicianship and performance—We are flexible but it should be up to a reasonable standard obviously.

· Audio quality—Under most circumstances we can only use studio recordings at CD quality.

· Does it sound like an established artist—This helps, but is not essential.

· Has it been proven in other markets—Has it received airplay on other stations already? If so where? How did it do?

No correspondence will be entered into regarding music selection including taking phone calls. Please let the music do the talking itself.
To receive airplay you must agree to our Terms and Conditions
To receive airplay you must agree to our Terms and Conditions